Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walking around the block!

Today I went for two walks, we had a wonderful time. My mom and daddy were so proud of me especially when I learnt to sit before we crossed the road so quickly! I went out once in the day and once in the night and I was not scared at all.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

First day of school

Today was my first day of school. My teachers name is Pam and she is really nice but really strict, everything I think a teacher should be. Me and my humans arrived to class and met my other classmates.

  1. Charlie a shipoo who is a little nervous and was having a bad hair day, we will be friends
  2. Bandito a big chocolate lab who is really friendly but stepped on my food by accident and mad me cry. ouch.
  3. Blaze and smart husky who I think I will be friends with..
  4. Dexter a Doberman who is having some behavioural issues, it is his second time in the class. He is working through some aggression so I am nervous around him.

This class we worked on sitting...I did a pretty good job and my humans were really proud of themselves. Then we went for a walk around the store and I had a great time exploring...
My homework is to practice sitting and my humans will practice stopping me from biting their pant legs. LOL.

The best parts of my day were meeting my new friends, being told how adorable I was over and over again. Meeting some children who gave me LOTS of attention..I really liked that.

Tonight I am chilling chewing on my bone and enjoying my Kong.

Night, Night.